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energy, mood-boost

energy, mood-boost

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Mystic Caffeine. Slog, fog, agog and grog buster.

Scent profile: citrus, bright, refreshing

When to Use

Low Energy – To restore energy reserves whenever you feel fatigued, inhale for 30 seconds. To start your day fresh and energized, inhale or rub on ankles and feet when you wake up.

Mood Boost – To give yourself an emotional lift and improve mood and motivation, inhale for 30 seconds whenever needed.

good for energy | sadness | ppd | sad | weight loss | fatigue


Breath: Place two drops in palms. Rub hands together. Cup hands over nose and mouth. Inhale deeply. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Body: Place three drops in palm. Massage around ankles and soles of feet.

Bath: Place 20 drops in a warm bath. Soak for twenty minutes.

essential oils

Bergamot (citrus bergamia)◆,Ruby red grapefruit (citrus paradisi), Lemon (citrus limonum)◆, Blood orange (citrus sinensis), Silver Fir (abies alba)◆, Vetiver (chrysopogon zizanioides). ◆organic ingredient

Energetic Medicine

Flower Essences of hornbeam (carpinus betulus), honeysuckle (lonicera caprifolium), olive (olea europaea), wild rose (rosa canina).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ruth Widger
Please contact me

My order of energy boost also contained 2 sleep breathe me. One had nothing in it,I would appreciate a replacement for that. I do love all their products just frustrated that I am not getting any feedback about the empty sleep.

Nancy Olson
Nice scent

But it doesn't seem to have any effect on my energy or mood. Will not be purchasing again.

Toni Tingle
A tonic for the senses!

Energy, Mood Boost bursts upon my senses; I am both uplifted and transported on buoyant scents of warm energy. My body and my mind are infused with positivity, brightening my entire day.
Other aromatherapies have I tried; they only serve to reinforce the quality of Nectar Essence.

Toni Tingle

It is now morning and wakey! wakey! time. I start my days with energy boost and brain focus. While inhaling, I think about how beautiful the world is and how blessed we all are to be in it. Such positivity sets up my day and expectations. By the time I am through inhaling, I feel absolutely charged as in: Look out world! Here I come!


I have a bottle of energy mood boost at my desk and when I need a moment to recharge from the stresses of my day, I reach for it and inhale the revitalizing scent of citrus. Love this stuff, works wonders for invigorating the senses.