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sleep+ aromatherapy

sleep+ aromatherapy

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experience the symphony of high-elevation lavender, night-blooming jasmine, and petitgrain sur fleur essential oils. this calming formula quiets mental chatter, relaxes the body, and helps you fall and stay asleep.

this holistic remedy draws on the healing power of rainbow moonstone elixir and white chestnut flower essence for peaceful dreams and deep sleep on the physical and astral planes. it also provides energetic protection, and eases emotional stress. sleep tight!

when to use

use sleep+ to signal your brain that it's time for you to unplug. as you inhale it, rub it on your chest and forehead, your mind will surrender to the natural sedative effects of sleep+.

good for calm | restful | anxiety | fatigue | grief | overthinking | nightmares.

breath: place two drops in palms. rub hands together. cup hands over nose and mouth. inhale deeply. repeat for 30 seconds.

body: place three drops in palm. massage onto forehead and chest and around ankles and soles of feet.

bath: place 20 drops in a warm bath. soak for twenty minutes.

why it works

Lavender cultivated at higher altitudes produces a greater concentration of linalool, the soothing terpene known for its ability to facilitate relaxation and promote a sense of calm. Our energetic remedies, derived from flower essences and gem elixirs, work harmoniously to quiet the mind.

Clean Ingredients

organic, natural and wild-crafted essential oils in pure coconut oil base, lavender, vetiver, jasmine, petigrain sur fleur; flower essences of petrea, globe amaranth, kahili flower, elm, white chestnut; and rainbow moonstone elixir.

How it's made

since 2007, we've dedicated ourselves to meticulously handcrafting our small-batch healing remedies in the heart of the san francisco bay area, using globally sourced organic and wild-crafted essential oils.

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Customer Reviews

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Joann S.
Best ever!

Absolutely love Sleep+ aromatherapy! Helps me fall asleep faster. I keep extra on hand so I can take it with me whenever I travel.

Janice Hale-Levin
It works

This is an amazing product and I recommend it to all my sleep-deprived friends.

Ruth Widger
Great product♥️♥️♥️

Love the sleep +, really does eliminate the extra noise in my head, sleeping great, thank you!

I love this!

A friend gifted this to me. I love the smell! I used it and fell asleep reall easily. Then, I woke up once in the middle of the night and was getting anxious thinking about things so I did the process again (putting 2 drops on my palms...) and I went back to sleep almost right away! Ususally I'd be up for hours! Ialso really like the ritual of using it before bedtime.