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renew sleep kit

renew sleep kit

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sink into deep sleep. our magical, vibrationally-charged organic lavender remedies will help you prepare for a luxurious night’s sleep. developed by a holistic healer, our formulations have helped our customers achieve quality sleep for 17 years.

diffuse sweet dreams throughout your bedroom to start the process. mist dream fluorite spray over your pillow and sheets for a transcendent dreams. lastly, take a palm inhalation of our best-selling sleep+ remedy, and rub the remaining oil over your third eye and watch your thoughts disappear. good night!

kit comes with sleep+ remedy, sweet dreams diffuser oil, dream fluorite spray

Why it works

Lavender's soothing aroma lowers anxiety, enhances relaxation, and improves sleep quality, fostering deeper and more restful sleep. It can also help regulate sleep patterns and create a sleep-inducing atmosphere.

How it's made

since 2007, we've dedicated ourselves to meticulously handcrafting our small-batch healing remedies in the heart of the san francisco bay area, using globally sourced organic and wild-crafted essential oils.

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