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peace vermarine spray+

peace vermarine spray+

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product description

A blend of grounding vetiver, sweet lavender and earthy thyme essential oils helps you achieve harmony. Feel peaceful.

What it does: The combination of barrel cactus flower essence and vermarine gem elixir promotes deep self-awareness and encourages the mind to be still, yet expansive.

when to use

When the monkey mind takes over, it's time to shake and mist Peace+. Feel the zen vibes in your room, office, or car. Use it out of the shower, in the hotel; any moment can be an aromatic ahhhh...

why it works

Our High-vibe plant-based aromas are combined with healing gemstones and are like reiki in a bottle. Holistic Therapy, check.

How it's made

since 2007, we've been handcrafting our small-batch healing remedies in our san francisco bay area studio using organic & wild-crafted essential oils from around the world.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Goodman
Peace Vermarine Spray

The team at my Wellness Center love Nectar Essences, both their essential oil blends and their room sprays, and the sampler pack of 4 different GEMFLEUR room sprays, of which Peace Vermarine Spray was one, was no different, and we are very discerning about our choice of products, so I can highly recommend Nectar Essence products as being of the highest olfactory quality, and the owner, Jenny, is a rare Gem herself, which is reflected in her aromatherapy products!

Andrew G., Owner
Aquarius Wellness
Center for Healing Arts