barrel cactus flower essence

Barrel Cactus Flower Essence

Scientific Name: echinocactus grusonii


gemfleur: peace vermarine spray

Barrel cactus can live to 100 years old. In the hot dry desert, it’s water logged, fleshy, round form reminds me of a chubby baby you just want to wrap your arms around. Barrel cactus is a teenager when it flowers at 15 years old. As it ages, it starts to take on an oblong shape. It begins to lean south or southwest so that the spines can better protect the body of the plant from the desert sun. Travelers can use the oblong cactus as a compass.

As a flower essence, barrel cactus is a motherly teacher. She represents a reservoir of hope, of life, of water. The keyword associated with barrel cactus flower essence is “expansive.” When I work with this essence, my mind stretches into a timeless, limitless still point. There are thoughts, but they come in the form of pictures, sensations; as opposed to fully formed logic. This essence helps build a resilient mind, one which is slow to react, able to see multiple viewpoints, expanding in all directions. This essence is great for people who are seeking to experience peace of mind in the most profound way.

Source: nectar essences, barrel cactus essence made March 21, 2004 by Jenny Pao