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decongest+ aromatherapy

decongest+ aromatherapy

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product description

clean living. clear the gunk and get back to being you with our healing blend of eucalyptus, cypress, silver fir, lavender, star anise, clove, oregano, thyme.

this holistic remedy guards against negative vibes and firms up energetic boundaries by drawing on the healing energy of black tourmaline gem elixir and yarrow flower essence. Decongest+ amplifies trust and positivity.

when to use

Stuffy? Coughing? Congested? Decongest+ is good for acute symptoms of a cold, flu, allergies or sinus issues. It's also good to use it daily to boost immunity.

Breath: Place two drops in palms. Rub hands together. Cup hands over nose and mouth. Inhale deeply. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Body: Place three drops in palm. Massage around ankles and soles of feet.

Bath: Place 20 drops in a warm bath. Soak for twenty minutes.

why it works

Extensive research into essential oils' antimicrobial properties dates back to the 1880s. The essential oils formula have been scientifically validated for its role in bolstering respiratory and immune well-being.

clean ingredients

organic, natural and wild-crafted essential oils in pure coconut oil base, eucalyptus, cypress, silver fir, lavender, star anise, clove, oregano, thyme; flower essences of foxgloves, wild rose, holly, walnut, yarrow, olive; and tourmaline gem elixir.

how it's made

since 2007, we've dedicated ourselves to meticulously handcrafting our small-batch healing remedies in the heart of the san francisco bay area, using globally sourced organic and wild-crafted essential oils.

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Customer Reviews

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Ruth Widger

Love all these products

Corrine Russo
Amazing, incredibly helpful.

Battling a bad upper respiratory infection in the whole house currently and everyone is using it because it’s helping so much. Thank you so much!!!