Verbena Flower Essence

Verbena Flower Essence

Scientific Name: verbena officinalis


gemfleur: calm, relief

  • Are you anxious, nervous?
  • Are you bossy, rigid or inflexible?
  • Are you being bossed around by someone?

Sweet chestnut is one of Dr. Bach’s 38 flower essences

Verbena, made by St. Germain Flower Essences, is also know as Vervain (Bach Flowers). It’s for those who are mentally rigidity. They have fixed ideas, they rarely change their minds, and at all costs they want to convince others that their way of life is the best. They are enthusiastic about their convictions. They are bossy, endowed with strong self-confidence in their own efforts. They are obstinate, have great willpower. They are relentless taskmasters with others, they are presumptuous, idealistic, intolerant and arrogant. They have an enormous capacity for concentration when they aim to achieve a goal. They are usually martyrs for a cause or have a religious obsession. They are concerned with the welfare of others, but are extremely strict. They have a violent temper, are tense and suck energy from others. This flower essence does the healing work to reach pure love.

Source: St. Germain Flower Essence website