Säo miguel Flower Essence

Säo miguel Flower Essence

Scientific Name: petrea subserrata


breathe me: sleep

gemfleur: sleep

bath salts: sleep

Source flower essences

  • Are you ungrounded?
  • Feeling attacked?
  • Do you fear dark forces?

Prior to studying flower essences therapy and practicing energy medicine, I never felt the presence of evil. I never saw ghosts. I still do not. But through my experiences, I have seen that there are indeed dark forces and black magic at work in the world. I do not want to focus on them, but there are real. It is at nighttime that many of our fears are activated and this can disrupt sleep. São Miguel (Saint Michael) flower essence offers the user a cloak of protection. This high vibrational flower essence is good for clearing haunted energy, helping to release any entities or energies that are trapped in this dimension. Believe in it or not, but use it and sleep sounder.