san pedro cactus

San Pedro Cactus Flower Essence

Scientific Name: echinopsis pachanoi


gemfleur: bliss amethyst spray

San Pedro (Huachuma) is a highly revered plant teacher amongst the shamans of Northern Peru. It is a psychotrophic plant and it contains several psychoactive alkaloids including mescalin. The flower essence, which is a preparation of the blossoming flowers, does not contain any of the physical parts of the flower, only it’s healing essence. Therefore, it is safe to use the flower essence to gain the wisdom of the plant and bypass any of the physical effects of consuming the cactus.

The essence was made as the cactus blossoms emerged in the early hours before dawn.

The keyword for San Pedro Cactus Flower is “ascension.” Ascension is defined as rising or increasing to higher levels, values, or degrees. Ascension is a state of being that is described in all ancient texts. Although many would agree there are no fast track method to spiritual enlightenment, San Pedro Cactus flower essence assists in the process of opening the crown chakra, allowing the light of Creator, God, to flood the body. In the flooding of this light, attachments to our stories, our pasts and our wounding becomes washed with light and released.

Source: nectar essences, ocotillo essence made July 26, 2015 by Jenny Pao