orosne mimosinha flower essence

Orosne / Mimosinha Flower Essence

Scientific Name: polygala paniculata


gemfleur: focus+

  • Are you shy?
  • Have a difficult time articulating your thoughts?
  • Need more confidence to speak in public?

Flower essence that comes to work shyness. It brings strength and comfort to face any situation. It works with the timidity of those who are afraid to expose themselves in any situation, for example: speaking to many people. For people who have a job to do and tasks to do, but do not have the courage to expose their points of view, which would be of great benefit to the group. Flower essence useful for those who in certain situations go blank in their minds; feel mentally paralyzed. In general, these situations can cause lockjaw, due to a lot of tension in the jaw area. Tendonitis or joint pain can arise as crystallizations of this blocked mental and emotional situation, difficulty in articulating your mind naturally.

Source: St. Germain Flower Essence website