Ocotillo Flower Essence

Scientific Name: fouquieria splendens


gemfleur: love rose quartz spray

Ocotillo is a desert plant with tall spiky branches that grow wildly in the sky. It is magnificent when in full bloom in the desert. As with all desert essences, survival is a core issue. Desert plants teach us resilience, preservation of energy and clarity of focus.

Ocotillo flower essence helps enliven the heart, removing any blocks or past pains.

The keyword for Ocotillo Flower Essence is “brazen love.” Brazen is defined as bold and without shame. Synonyms include:

immodest, unashamed, unabashed, unembarrassed, unblushing. Ocotillo flower essence helps you tap into love that is honest, real and free of judgment. If you have experienced major setbacks in love due to holding onto past rejection, take ocotillo flower essence to help you release those blocks.

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source: nectar essences, ocotillo essence made march 2003 by Jenny Pao