mustard flower essence

Mustard Flower Essence

Scientific Name: sinapis arvensis


breathe me: super-immunity

air & surface spray – super-immunity germ shield


Mustard is one of Dr. Bach’s 38 flower essences

…is the remedy for deep gloom and depression that descends for no apparent reason out of a clear blue sky.

People in this state often list all the reasons they have to feel happy and contented, but still, everything looks black and hopeless to them.

The remedy helps to dispel the clouds so that we can once again appreciate the joy and peace in our lives.

Dr. Bach’s description

Those who are liable to times of gloom, or even despair, as though a cold dark cloud overshadowed them and hid the light and the joy of life. It may not be possible to give any reason or explanation for such attacks. Under these conditions, it is almost impossible to appear happy or cheerful.

Source: Bach Centre