mexican cotton algodao flower essence

Mexican cotton / Algodao Flower Essence

Scientific Name: gossypium religiosum


gemfleur: calm+

  • Are old traumas still plaguing you?
  • Do you need a shift of perspective?
  • Are you feeling worn down?

The Cotton flower essence works with vision and hearing at the soul level. It cleans, removes obstacles (blockages) in our supra physical hearing. Reconnects our personality with our Higher Self. Beneficial flower essence for people in positions of authority: government, revolutionary leaders, political leaders, union leaders, etc. It also acts on our physical and subtle bodies, sewing holes in our aura caused by physical and psychic traumas. In phytotherapy Cotton is used in ear disorders, it fights some skin diseases: pimples, blackheads, herpes, heals wounds (also topical use), relieves burn pains. It fights illnesses characteristic of women: absence of menstruation, painful menstruation, postpartum bleeding, inflammation of the uterus and ovary. It causes uterine contractions in the retention of the placenta, restoring its natural functions to the walls of the uterus. It is efficient in bloody sputum, combats bleeding, favors digestion, helps in affections and in the functioning of the urinary tract. It has diuretic properties, acts against phlegm, dysentery, diarrhea and enteritis.

Source: St. Germain Flower Essence website