jasmine flower essence

Jasmine Flower Essence

Scientific Name: stephanotis floribunda


gemfleur: calm+

  • Difficulty standing up for yourself?
  • Feeling victimized?
  • Are you afraid of being hurt?

Jasmine flower essence is helpful in removing any pain associated with victimization or #metoo. For people who have lived through a lot of suffering; brutally threatened, cornered, silenced, bullied, violated. For people who were under the grip of wicked people and could not receive any help or protection. For those who lived this situation of total loneliness and impotence. Very useful for those who need to be silent for fear of losing a job or for those who are silent so as not to suffer violence or mistreatment. For those who have been kidnapped, stolen children, children or adults wronged without the possibility of defending themselves, children of violent parents, etc. Useful for people who have difficulty communicating with others for fear of speaking. Useful also for people, who in past lives died from drowning or because they swallowed air at the time of death. Useful for people who choke a lot. This essence removes the energetic block in the throat chakra by transmuting the energy of the feeling of suffering to those who have gone through this situation of torture, mental and emotional abuse.

Source: St. Germain Flower Essence website