impatiens flower essence

Impatiens Flower Essence

Scientific Name: impatiens glandulifera


breathe me: focus, brain-boost; de-stress, unwind

gemfleur: immunity+ ; de-stress+

bath salts: de-stress

Impatiens is one of Dr. Bach’s 38 flower essences

…is, as its name suggests, the remedy for impatience and the frustration and irritability that often go with it.

Anyone can get into this state of mind, but there are also genuine Impatiens types, who live life at a rush and hate being held back by more methodical people. To avoid this irritation they prefer to work alone: the Impatiens boss is the one who sends staff home early so she can get the job finished quicker.

The remedy helps us be less hasty and more relaxed with others.

It is also an ingredient in Dr. Bach’s original crisis formula, where it helps calm agitated thoughts and feelings.

Dr. Bach’s description

Those who are quick in thought and action and who wish all things to be done without hesitation or delay. When ill they are anxious for a hasty recovery. They find it very difficult to be patient with people who are slow, as they consider it wrong and a waste of time and they will endeavor to make such people quicker in all ways. They often prefer to work and think alone, so that they can do everything at their own speed.

Source: Bach Centre