Gold gem elixir

Technically a metal and not a gem, this elixir was made from a pure gold earring gifted to me upon my birth. Gold gem elixir exudes love pure and true. It counteracts fear, loss, heartbreak and helps you connect with your inner essence.


gemfleur : calm+

From Diana Houston

Gold symbolizes purity in a spiritual sense and development of total understanding.

It will allow you to achieve and maintain a strong communion with all that is and the source of all being.

Gold will also help relieve your overburden of responsibilities.

It will help combat your feelings of inferiority and depression, which will allow you to understand and eliminate self-reproach.

It will also calm your overexcited or angry emotions. It will develop, cleanse, and balance your ability to amplify your thought forms.

It will help preserve your more enlightened thought forms that you can access at a later time.

Gold will unlock and activate your third eye and crown chakras. It will also help you attract honors, recognition, wealth, and happiness.

Its energies will keep you calm and composed even during tumultuous times. Your emotions will be stabilized and your stress will be alleviated.

The happy and positive feelings will be amplified. You will also become more attuned to nature and all the healing forces that are available in your environment. Gold will clear the negativities from your chakras and energy fields.

It will also cleanse your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies and transfer the vitality of this mineral to the affected area of your bodies.

Gold will create an energy that’s both receptive and cooperative, making it possible to use it with other stones and crystals.

It will attract and maintain the qualities which are inherent in the additional stones and provide a stabilizing energy for them.