globe amaranth perpetua flower essence

Globe amaranth / Perpetua Flower Essence

Scientific Name: gomphrena globosa


breathe me: sleep

gemfleur: sleep+

bath salt: sleep

  • Are you grieving?
  • Have you lost a loved one?
  • Heartbroken?

Globe Amaranth aka Perpetua flower essence is for those who experienced situations of irreparable losses. For those who carry a feeling of longing for those who have left this plane. Perpetual brings the energy of the understanding that even in death, we are connected. Perpétua works the lesson of detachment. It connects us with oneness, reminding us that we are fruits of the same Celestial Source, itinerant souls in this cosmos, undergoing tests, in search of perfection. It is also indicated for the nervous states of the heart. As a home remedy, this plant is used to fight: cough, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases. It acts against fever.

Source: St. Germain Flower Essence website