asteraceae varus flower essence

Asteraceae / Varus Flower Essenc

Scientific Name: vernonia escorpioides


breathe me: calm, relief

bath salts: calm

Source: St. Germain Flower Essence website

  • Do you have tension in your shoulders and front of the head?
  • Are you struggling with alignment issues of the spine?

For the alignment of the spine and the physical and supraphysical bodies, a consequence of physical and psychic trauma. This essence works with blame. The blocking of this energy distances us from our Higher Self. This energetic block on the physical level causes: pain in the spine, muscle tension, poor blood circulation, feeling of heaviness in the frontal region of the head, mental confusion, forgetfulness, lack of concentration (dispersion), hot head, numbness, loss of joy. It is indicated for those who have suffered a coccyx fracture. Flower essence suitable for those who live in the conflict of idealized life and daily life of obligations. Varus leads people to perform their daily tasks and duties naturally without destroying their dreams. It brings insight into what dreams can be achieved.