amaryllis ananuca amarilla flower essence

Amaryllis / Ananuca Amarilla Flower Essence

Scientific Name: rhodophiala bagnoldii


gemfleur: immunity+

Amaryllis / Ananuca Amarilla flower essence assists in the process of acceptance and a return to happiness after tragedy.

This essence works for those who have lived through the deepest pains of the soul, losses that cannot be repaired (loss of a child, great love, tragedy). It is for wounds that have not healed; wounds that feel raw and as if they will never go away. Anunuca is a sacred plant to the indigenous peoples of Chile. It’s a flower essence that rehabilitates the soul. It bring us into acceptance and peace, even in the worst of circumstances.

It is a good remedy for birth and delivery, loss, comas, hospice. Good for those who are fearful of death.

Source: Andessence Bosque Profundo de Chile