allium flower essence

Allium Flower Essence

Scientific Name: allium sativum


breathe me: decongest, immunity

  • Do you lack faith and determination?
  • Do you feel preyed on by energy vampires?
  • Are you prone to colds and flus?
  • Need protection from psychic forces?

Is someone giving you the evil eye? Allium Flower Essence (Garlic flower) from St. Germain offers powerful protection against psychic attacks, black magic and energy vampires. Allium flower essence cloaks you in safety and white light. Return to the calm when whence you came. Be clear and have discernment between good and evil. Learn how to identify and go towards God’s light. Good for: physical and psychological exhaustion, insomnia, hypochondria, hypotension, anorexia, metabolic disorders, obesity, delayed menstruation.

Source: St. Germain Flower Essence website