Travel Well with Full Spectrum Aromatherapy

Travel Well with Full Spectrum Aromatherapy

Many of us are braving the petri dishes that are trains, planes, automobiles this year. Travel can lower our immunity for any number of reasons: lack of sleep, stress, eating a diet comprised primarily of red wine and sugar cookies, you name it. Transit hubs are contact points for inspiration and excitement, but also germs.

Our botanical remedies are like a little team of helpers who work together to keep you healthy. Our botanical remedies combine 3 powerful healing modalities, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Flower Essence Therapy and Crystal Healing to provide you a full spectrum approach to wellness.

Jetsetter Kit is made for you high flyers, backseat drivers and bus riders. Check out the breakdown of all that is included and some tips for road warrior wellness. (And take our Traveler Quiz below to build your custom travel kit).

Superbugs are defenseless against scientifically-proven anti-viral, anti-bacterial essential oils: Lemongrass, Oregano, Thyme, Clove, Coriander and Mandarin. Rub this combo in your palms, take a deep inhale.

TIP: add a few drops to a tissue and wipe down your tray table to disinfect! put 20 drops in a tissue and leave next to your hotel bed to improve air quality.

Put the fear of flying to bed with high elevation organic lavender oil. Inhale sleep and rub a few drops on your neck and chest when you’re about to take off. Release worry and anxiety and arrive to your destination well-rested.

TIP: Lavender is also great for bug bites, sunburns and really any skin issue you can develop during travel. Rub it directly onto your skin. (Lavender is one of the only oils that can be safely applied without dilution).

Energy, mood-boost
Bright Italian citrus oils refresh the body and mind. Inhale Energy, mood-boost several times a day to increase energy and get you going.

TIP: Add 20 drops into a bath or 3 drops in your shower to balance your circadian rhythm and improve lymphatic movement in the legs and feet (reduce bloat).


WORRIED WANDERER – If you get anxious on the road or have trouble relaxing, take calm, relief in addition to the Jetsetter Kit.

SNIFFLES MCGEE – If you get sick frequently when you travel, bulk up and use decongest, immunity and super-immunity multiple times a day, for prevention.

WELLNESS PRO- bring the entire apothecary in travel size and create daily rituals for each remedy to stay in optimal health.

MINIMALIST – Only want to bring one thing to a desert island? Bring sleep. Lavender is the Swiss Army knife of essential oils- if you are calm, your immune system thrives.

HOLY ROLLER – Want to maintain emotional and spiritual equilibrium during the high-trigger holiday season? Get our Complete Aromatherapy+ Kit which includes our full gemfleur line and Vibrational Sprays. These remedies include gem elixirs to keep your spiritual body healthy, wealthy and wise.

Kim from Chicago emailed us with the following:

” I discovered your Gemfleur oils at Miraval resort in Arizona last May and have used Focus and Sleep for the past year. They have been a game-changer for refocusing me and bringing me back to the moment or dealing with jet lag. I travel 50-75% internationally for my job and they are the perfect size for my carry on. I’ve had colleagues and partners use mine every time I bring them out during meetings or long flights. They always become a topic of conversation and people ask me where they can purchase or take down the name Nectar Essences.”
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