Simple and Savings-Savvy Secrets for Practicing Yoga at Home During Lockdown

Simple and Savings-Savvy Secrets for Practicing Yoga at Home During Lockdown

Written by: Sheila Johnson

When you’re used to going to yoga class on a regular basis, adapting to the current COVID-19 restrictions can be tough. After all, yoga offers just as many benefits for your emotional well-being as it does for your physical health, so missing out on those classes can be extra difficult during such a stressful time. So how can you find balance without going to a studio? Well, you can try using these budget-friendly tips to begin your very own yoga practice at home.

Follow Along With Yoga Classes Using Your Smartphone

Missing out on classes at your local studios can be disappointing, but you don’t have to give up on those classes completely. Many local and even national instructors are now offering yoga classes online, so you can stream them on your smartphone or other devices. More popular online yoga classes may even be free, but local studios may also be accepting donations or small payments for access to their streaming classes.

Either way, you will want to make sure you have a smartphone that can keep up with the latest streaming and video-conferencing apps, so consider upgrading your current device if needed. Saving on new smartphones can also be pretty simple when you search online for the latest promotions and discounts on popular phones from Apple and other manufacturers. By using coupons or an Apple promo code, you can find discounts on refurbished models rather than purchasing a brand-new smartphone. Once you have a powerful smartphone, you can also use yoga apps to enhance your practice.

Establish a Distraction-Free Practice Space in Your Home

In addition to some helpful tech and streaming options, you will also want to set up a space where you can roll out your mat and practice. Creating a home practice space doesn’t require a lot of room, effort, or cost, so try to work with whatever available square footage you have in your home. You can designate a small corner or an entire room, but try to select an area of your home where you will not be distracted by pets or people.

Once you have your yoga room or corner picked out, clear out any clutter that could impact your focus, and then spend some time making this little space into your relaxation haven. You can feel free to add cushions, candles, and even soothing houseplants, so long as those items help ground you during your yoga practice. If there’s room in your budget, you may also want to buy a few props to support your home yoga practice. You can find fairly inexpensive yoga props online, including bolsters, straps, and blocks. If you don’t want to spend any additional money on props, you can also use household items instead, such as a stack of books for blocks or a towel for a strap.

Research Extra Tools and Resources to Enhance Your Practice

Yoga props can really help elevate your home yoga practice and even make many poses more accessible for you, but you can also find other budget-friendly ways to enhance your yoga practice while social distancing. For example, adding Nectar Essences aromatherapy products to a yoga practice can help relieve additional tension and even improve focus. These blends are also infused with crystals to enhance the healing and health properties, offering benefits for your yoga practice, as well as your mental health and sleep quality.

To really make the most of your home yoga practice, you should also consider using your new smartphone to download a meditation app. That’s because meditation is one of the most crucial elements of any dedicated yoga practice, and meditation can also be calming in times of stress. By combining yoga with meditation and aromatherapy, you can create a new self-care routine that will be perfect for alleviating any extra anxiety or stress caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

Trust us, your yoga instructors miss you as much as you miss them! Until social-distancing restrictions are lifted, however, your safest and most cost-effective bet is to use the tools, tips, and resources above to begin a home practice.
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