New product launch: Super-Immunity Germ Shield Spray

New product launch: Super-Immunity Germ Shield Spray

We’ve taken Super-Immunity to the next level.
In response to the urgent need to limit exposure to germs and viruses, we created a surface and air mist, powered by our super-immunity essential oil and flower essence. Many customers requested a botanical hand sanitizer, and we decided to go beyond and offer a purifier for everything in your space.

Super-Immunity Germ Shield Spray

*sanitizes the air and surfaces naturally

*supports healthy immunity

*supports emotional wellness.

A little known fact about essential oils: viruses and superbugs cannot grow resistance to them. Designed by nature to outsmart pathogens, essential oils are mighty powers disinfectants and sanitizers. Essential oils are made up of hundreds of plant constituents, each with specific healing benefits.

Super-Immunity Germ Shield Spray is like holy armor, protecting people with the scientifically proven anti-viral, anti-microbial powers of lemongrass, coriander, clove, red mandarin, thyme, and oregano essential oils. Flower essences of magnolia (magnolia grandiflora), mustard (sinapis arvensis), gorse (ulex europaeus) support positive mood and outlook which further supports a healthy immune system.

How do you use Super-Immunity Germ Shield Spray?
Spray it in high traffic areas. Mist it liberally in the air and over surfaces you wish to purify. Let the botanical oils work to decrease the germs entering your nose and throat.


in high traffic areas
at your desk
in your car or Über
doctor’s office
spray it directly on shared surfaces like elevator buttons, doorknobs & toilet flushes.


How frequently should I use it?
Use it daily if you are moving from place to place. Consistency is key with viral protection, so keep a bottle in your purse, your car, at the door, in the diaper bag. If you are extra concerned about getting sick, use ‘breathe me’ decongest, immunity and super-immunity in conjunction super-immunity germ shield spray.

Unlike our super-immunity essential oil formula, which is meant to be deeply inhaled, you will not want to take deep breaths of this spray. It’s meant for the air and surfaces. It uses the same powerful combination of essential oils in “breathe me” super-immunity, combined with organic ethanol. You don’t want to inhale ethanol. It’s meant to help disinfect and clean.

This spray is NOT a hand sanitizer and is not meant for topical use. Please don’t use it that way. These oils are not diluted in a carrier oil and should not be put on your skin. And keep it away from the pets and children!

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