Flower Essences & Essential Oil Remedies for Grief

Flower Essences & Essential Oil Remedies for Grief

Remedies for Grief
Without a doubt, 2020 has been a rollercoaster year. The world is in a state of fear, panic, and grief, and few seem to have the answers. My heart goes out to the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost friends and family to COVID19. I send my prayers for health, peace, and comfort.

My personal experience of grief has been that it is very physical and debilitating at times. In late February, my father passed away after a 3 year battle with kidney cancer. Being with him and witnessing him as he took his final breath was a great honor, but also the hardest and most heartbreaking experience of my life. At times, my heart has felt like it was literally breaking in two.

Grief is an emotion that can destabilize health. Left unattended, it wreaks havoc on the respiratory and immune systems, making people vulnerable to illness. And we are living in a unique time where there are few comforts, something as simple as a hug from a loved one can be hard to come by.

This year, my appreciation for flower essence therapy and aromatherapy has expanded to a whole new level. I’ve once again experienced salvation through flowers. They lifted me up when I could not see my family and helped me reconnect with hope and joy, slowly but surely.

Thank you for witnessing me as I share my personal experience. I hope if you are experiencing grief, that one or more of our remedies can support you as well.

Jenny Pao, Holistic Healer & Founder
Nectar Essences

“When the ache comes, feed it flower essences and essential oils.”


My recommendations:

TLC for the heart+ – I love this little kit because it contains several good remedies to address the shock and trauma of loss. Grief disrupts sleep and can cause panic. Each one of our Gemfleur+ emedies is prepared with the healing energy of gemstones for deeper transformation. It’s totally fine to work with our breathe me line as well. Gemfleur+ goes deeper, so during crisis, I use these remedies.

Love Rose Quartz Spray – This vibrational spray helps repair energetic disruptions to the heart chakra. Rose Quartz gem elixir and Ocotillo Flower Essences are powerful magical healers. If you would like to read more about this spray, read our blog entry about it here.

Decongest+ – Grief can really hit the lungs. It’s not uncommon to develop shortness of breath, bronchitis or respiratory infections after experiencing deep grief. Whenever a client comes to me with grief, this is the first remedy I ask them to use daily for 28 days.

Additional Resources:
These therapies and books really helped me in my grief process:

Flower Essence Therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique

Lens Neurofeedback

On Grief and Grieving: Finding the Meaning of Grief through the Five Stages of Loss

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