Find your Essential Oil Formula

Find your Essential Oil Formula

We make botanical, energetic medicine. As many of us are in self-healing mode, we wanted to offer a simplified directory of our products so that you can address your concerns directly.

‘breathe me’ – these formulations work on the physical and emotional planes to heal symptoms. They are a combination of essential oils and flower essences, which are designed to bring the body back into balance.

‘gemfleur‘ – these formulations work on the physical, emotional and energetic planes. Flower essences and essential oils get a vibrational uplevel with the addition of gem elixirs.

‘breathe pure’ diffuser oils – our essential oil-based diffuser oils keep your space in tune and your air clear.

‘bath salts’ – pink Himalayan sea salt, essential oils and flower essences impact wellness by contact with the skin and through inhalation.

‘blessing sprays’ – these gem, flower essences and essential oil sprays are formulated for an energetic shift, when needed to brighten, ground or balance.

If immunity is your biggest concern right now, we have curated our best defenses here.

For all other specific symptoms, see our concern chart.
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