Féte, Rest, Reset. A ritual for deep sleep.

Féte, Rest, Reset. A ritual for deep sleep.

Solstice is coming this Saturday, December 21st. Emerging from the deepest darkness of the year can be disorienting and makes many of us depressed or lethargic. I offer you three very effective daily rituals to keep your light beaming.

1. Charge your Circadian battery
The sunlight gives our body very specific messages throughout the day to regulate energy. The best way to wake with vibrancy and sleep easy is to go outside and absorb the light rays. If you can (even if it is only for a few minutes), go outside at dawn, at solar noon and at sunset.

2. Say Hello To Your Old Friend Darkness
Artificial light at night keeps our bodies wakeful. Even if we don’t register the disturbance, something as fleeting as passing headlights can trip up the body’s restorative nighttime routine. This means that even if we are getting the proverbial eight hours, we might not feel rested or might be missing out on the healing benefits of sleep.

Take whatever steps you can to make your sleep environment free of light and device pings. Shut off your phone, turn your alarm clock over, close the curtains and go deep.

3. Botanical Bedtime
Before shut eye, rub sleep+ on your on your third eye and temples. Lavender is relaxing on a primal level and the flower essences and Moonstone gem elixir promote not just an easy touchdown, but a safe dream world.

If you take an evening bath, ritualize it with Sleep Healing Bath Salts, full of earthy comforting smells, like lavender and vetiver. We also add the energetic gifts of perpetua, elm, white chestnut and grevillea to assuage the anxiety and sadness that can keep us up and up and up.


“Just woke up from a great night’s sleep. First night using it and it helped me sleep through the night! Glad to find something that works.”

-Naomi Meyers

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