Cleaner air. Healthier you. Happier planet.

Cleaner air. Healthier you. Happier planet.

Clean Air is a Human Right.

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. This commemoration has me thinking about my impact on the global community. Even from our tiny quarantine orbits, we can help everyone breathe easier. In fact, researchers in the US looked at levels of synthetic VOCs in roadside air in Los Angeles and found that as much came from industrial and household products refined from petroleum as from vehicle exhaust pipes. (Paints, perfumes, cleaning sprays and other synthetic items in your household contribute to high levels of ‘volatile organic compounds’ in air.)

Our company is an ode to the importance of breath. Our level of peace and happiness is tied to how deeply we breathe and take in life-enriching oxygen. We are up in a global fight with a respiratory virus. It’s very important that we strengthen our respiratory systems by removing the source of toxins in our homes and our environment.

In honor of our Mother Earth’s special day, here are 3 actions you can take right now

1. Change up your cleaning products and reduce the health impact globally.

Swap out toxic, perfumed products for these. (many green cleaners like Method or Mrs. Meyers still rock synthetic fragrances which contain high VOCs. I recommend Seventh Generation or Ecover over these brands.
The research: scientists

2. Lose highly toxic scented sprays like Febreeze and Glade air fresheners.

Essential oils and baking soda are a better choice. They are not only clean, they actually increase your health and kill toxins.

The research:

3. Buy 2nd hand or sustainable furniture

Fast furniture is a major contributor to the pollution of our planet.

Resources here: (

The research:
Off-gassing of furniture

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