Stress Less – 5 Ways De-Stress Can Come to the Rescue

Stress Less – 5 Ways De-Stress Can Come to the Rescue

De-stress is your favorite remedy, our perennial best-seller. Because, duh: stress is the result of every challenging thing and too much of any good thing. It comes up every day and affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. And the beauty of De-stress is that it calms on every level.

Versatile and effective, De-Stress is the perfect remedy to have on hand. It is a powerful remedy made from essential oils plus subtly healing flower essences. You are an electromagnetically-charged, vibrational entity, you need a remedy that gets that.

De-stress is like a blend between homeopathic traumeel and a bouquet of flowers for the spirit. It mends and tends and soothes the mind, body and spirit.

-Jenny Pao, Founder

How does it work?
Apply De-Stress, Unwind topically, inhale it and/or drop it in your shower stream or bathwater. The aroma is floral, uplifting and bright with essential oils of bergamot, jasmine and frankincense. We include the classic 5-flower remedy (AKA Rescue Remedy) created by flower essence vanguard Dr. Edward Bach. This botanical remedy vibrationally charges the essential oils to help restore balance after physical or emotional shock, stress or fear. Flower essences reorganize the human energy field, our aura, which becomes fragmented or thrown off balance in times of stress. Many EMTs carry Rescue Remedy, zookeepers give it to stressed animals and it is often given to displaced people in refugee camps. It is an emotional survival kit. We love how that energy work is going on while you lap up the sensual experience of essential oils.

5 Ways De-Stress Can Come to the Rescue:
Body Trauma – for any accidents, aches, bruises or sprains where the body is shocked, rub de-stress, unwind onto the area for faster recovery. Soak in de-stress bath salts. Do not apply onto open wounds. If you cannot apply it on the area, rub 3 drops of de-stress into the soles of each foot. Rub another 3 drops onto the crown of the head.
Old Aches – for nagging injuries or areas of pain, rub areas with de-stress to support physical healing
Headache – for above-the-shoulders-pain, rub on your temples, neck or jaw. Take a deep breath.
Heartache – for breakups, grief, divorce or disappointments, apply liberally on the heart and temples.
That New New – for anxiety about changes (new school, first date, big meeting, uncomfortable face-to-face), use De-Stress, Unwind before and after to prepare and recover.
Store De-stress, Unwind in your First Aid Kit, car, bathroom, bedside or anywhere you will need it to address the stress.
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