San Francisco Travel x Aromatherapy

San Francisco Travel x Aromatherapy

Spark Self-Healing
When we design events, we focus on experiences that are healing in the moment and one that gives guests tools to continue that healing journey. That is exactly what Nia Tahani Wilkes, Senior Manager, Convention Events, at SF Travel, was looking for when she reached out to us to bring aromatherapy to events in a meaningful and memorable way.

SF Travel are considered thought leaders in the event planning industry. Their customers look to them for innovation and creativity, hallmarks of the San Francisco Bay Area business culture. As the primary bookers of the Moscone Center and the official tourism board for the SF Bay area, it was an honor to create a bespoke experience for their guests. Nia asked us to create an aromatherapy activation for their three-hour event and an aromatherapy gift for each guest to take home.

We don’t just bottle beautiful smells, we make botanical remedies for self-healers. In order to get the full Nectar Essences experience, we wanted guests to understand the power of aromatherapy, take in our scents of our essential oil blends, get a sense of the groundedness possible with flower essences and, have fun. We teamed up with SF-based musician Christopher Willits to create an audio-guided scent journey through destinations around the world and in our own backyard.

Guests learned the origins and benefits of essential oils during a self-guided journey. Our educators love to answer questions about botanical medicine. At this event, we added a game- Guess The Scent.

The blindfold is put on, Christopher Willits’ binaural beats begin and the journey is afoot. The soothing voice of founder, Jenny Pao, is the guide through an aromatic and sensual exploration. In four minutes, guests drop into a deeply meditative state that stays with them throughout the event, without taking them away for too long.

Our facilliators love chatting with guests post-experience. It’s pretty cool to see the before and after, folks look so relaxed as they come back from the journey.

Event planners, hotel GMs, and vendors of San Francisco Travel Company catching up and mingling.

Guest participation is a very high 70% at all of our events. People love the sensory journey and we have had guests ask if they could experience it twice!

If you are interested in booking Team Nectar for a team-building exercises, lunch & learns, or corporate events, click here.

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